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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 2, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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police. -- than erased a silver gun toward the police. >> it was rapid gunshots. >> the shot almost 20 times. i don't know. i think it is sad. >> the suspect was hit 20 times by the nine officers who fired. he was pronounced dead after transport to a hospital. he has been identified as the vote -- theodore blandford. the police say he was running after killing his estranged wife and her sister oin the home that they shared. the call came at 6:30 a.m. when neighbors said blandford was parking and and then they heard shots. the chase started after anne arundel county police and -- asked. storage is county police to check an area where they thought blandford would be. >> they located the suspect and pursued him into washington. >> he was the subject of a
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protective order, supposed to stay away from his wife and turn in his weapons. the neighbors say they are stunned at what happened instead. >> you never think about it in a quiet neighborhood like this. >> blandford's online criminal record paints the portrait of a man spinning out of control, charged several times with burglary, armed robbery. the prince george's county police say they believe that he committed in our street robbery in bowie and discharged his weap. . we will probably never know why he cut committed his final crime today. brad bell, abc 7 news. the aftermath of that chase is still causing problems in the district. the 3005 lauterbach of minnesota avenue will remain close to minnesota -- the 35 lauterbach of minnesota avenue will remain closed until further notice. the man accused of going on a deadly shooting rampage at the
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holocaust museum is out of the hospital and well enough to appear in court. sam ford is live with what james von brunn had to say. >> 89-year-old accused gunmen made clear he did not want to see a psychiatrist, but the judge ordered an evaluation anyway. today was the third hearing on the case since the attack, the first in which john brunn was healthy enough to attend. james von brunn arrived in court for a wheelchair -- a wheelchair for his first court appearance for the attack was captured on videotape. june 10, he walked up with a rifle and shot stephen johns and the chest, then fired was more into the museum beforeol of the security officers shot von brunn in the face. still on the minds of museum visitors today. >> it is a shame that something like that still happens. >> he must have been holding a grudge for a very long time.
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>> in court, thepuefblic dender said he wanted hisic client to undergo a psychological evaluation, which caused at von brunn to speak up. "your honor." the judge said that, it would be my advice that you may not speak. anything you say could and would be used against you. and von brunn said, "the constitution guaranteesas me ap fair and speedy trial. ha tis the citizen. the judge ordered the evaluation. at the museum today, security officers wear bulletproof vests and people remember. >> there is not a day that goes by that we do not think about his family and stephen johns. that loss, its people to what it is all about. >> fun brown left court and a fan and will be sent for an evaluation in north carolina. james von brunn is scheduled back in court in mid october
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after the evaluation. he faces seven charges, four of which carry a possible death public. we step -- we checked with stephen johns's family and found out that his -year-old son had another session with grief counselors this afternoon. we have heard that 11,000 people have sent financial contributions to the museum for the family, but it would not say how much money has been erased. sam ford, abc 7 news. maryland is making plans to do with a swine flu outbreak. governor o'malley says the state will fit -- spare no expense to protect people from the flu. o'malley said that could mean dipping into the rainy day fund. planning is still in the early stages. medical experts and state officials are working together to minimize the spread of the virus. school officials are on swine flu alert. the secretary of education says
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a vaccine will must be ready. experts saytudents should stay home from school if they feel sick and not return until 24 hours after that. some redskins fans are angry tonight. i just found out the team has been selling extra tickets to brokers -- they just found out that the team has been selling extra tickets to brokers instead of fans. caroline lyders has the details. >> and the fan at knows that redskins tickets are among the most coveted in the nfl. the team says 160,000 people are on the list to get their hands on those tickets. now word tickets did not good offense but to ticket brokers, many of whom sold them for profit. it was last fall at the redskins-steelers game when the fans knew that something was up. it on the redskins home turf, a sea of pittsburgh fans, begging the question, how did they get
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their hands on so many tickets were not even redskins fans could get them? >> we have been waiting. >> she has been on the waiting list a year. >> they have not said anything. >> this person has been on the waiting list 20 years. >> i do not have my tickets yet. still on the waiting list. >> when the fans discovered several redskins employees were caught selling tickets to ticket brokers, they were furious. >> i think that is insane. >> according to published reports, thousands of general admission tickets were sold to about 15,000 on my ticket brokers, including stub hub. they were often sold at a profit. according to the redskins' general counsel, owner dan snyder was "lifted." -- livi." >> i think mr. schneider handled it well. -- i think mr. snyder handled it
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well. >> as the team left for jacksonville this afternoon, they had little comments, but the fans could not stop talking. >> it is a profit for them. >> as a dedicated fan that has waited so long, this is outrageous. >> selling tickets to ticket brokers is not against nfl policy, but it is against the redskins policy. in a statement, the team said, "we have taken steps to make sure this does not happen again." caroline lyders, abc 7 news. >> the ticket controversy is getting bigger. the washington post reports in 2005, the redskins filed 137 lawsuits against people and companies who defaulted on multi-year contracts for seats. in a statement today, the redskins say this lawsuits represent less than half of 1% for tickets and have not brought
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lawsuits against general to get admission holders. investigators say a massive wildfire north of los angeles was set by a person, not by nature. it is still not fire was intentional or an accident. we have the latest on the fight to save people and property. >> cynne, forestry officials are backing away from an earlier claimed this was set by humans. whatever the cause, look behind me. here in the forest, this house is a perfect examplof how destructe fithe fire wasam. the only thing standing, the chimney. everything else is ashes. with thousands of acres burned, millions spent to fight the fires, forestry officials say they're closing in on the cause of the massive fire that has scorched more than 200 square miles. the improving weather and aggressive counter assault by
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the firefighters, including buffer zones around the fire line, and backfires, has led to the fire being 22% contained. >> we are not out of the woods, but we are in better shape. >> among their victories, mount wilson, a major communications hub, is still standing. four days, flames came dangerously close to the historic observatory. >> things are improving, and i'm very optimistic we will be fine. >> i am so proud of them. >> governor schwarzenegger served firefighters breakfast in anticipation of the return to the front lines. >> give them a lot of spinach and protein so they get pumped up for the next fight. >> that fight is set to continue some time. the official said it will take two weeks to fully contained the station fire. let me tell you, you can still
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feel the intense heat left behind by the wildfires. hot spots may reignite already burned out areas. >> thank you so much. we have another look at the destruction that the fires are burning at 6:00. meantime, look at amazing i would as pictures in the middle of the disaster on our website, there will be a changing of the guard at abc news. charles gibson announced he has decided to step down as anchor of world news at the end of this year. gibson said he had been planning to retire at the end of 2007, but he stayed on. he was made anchor in 2006 after the dea of peter jennings. diane sawyer will be taking over as anchor of world news in january. the pleasant temperatures are still with us tonight. chief meteorologist doug hill has a first look at the forecast.
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belfort furniture weather center. the live conditions on the rooftop, fair weather clouds, no o sinunsh oe. definitely cool irareems,peturen 50 50tad,ff s 5or 0 fford, 50 y,ar wm uput nicely, but still bewrave age. 76 degrees leesburg, stafford 72. the conditions the rest of this evening, mostly sunny skies, fair weather clouds dissipating toward sunset, the temperatures in the 70's. one system tomorrow, and then we're wide open for the weekend. the forecast is coming up. up next, a woman is carjacked and forced into a truck near a popular mall. tonight, we hear from a person who helped. >> a special needs student is being kept out of school. about a powerful hurricane comes to short in mexico.
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-- and not a powerful hurricane has come up short in mexico. >> not everyone agrees that shooting deer is the rightge thg too. hi
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would you believe that
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sharpshooters could soon be allowed inside rock creek park? >> their msion would be to take aim at a large population of deer. susan kennedy has the controversy. >> there is a love-hate relationship for the deer that freely roam the woods and the neighborhoods that surround them. tonight,he national park service will tell people about a proposed plan to reduce the deer population, which is getting mixed reviews. they may look sweet and lovable, but they're nothing more than a nuisance to christopher. this northwest washington resident has lived in this home bordering rock creek park 10 years. he has watched the deer population explode. they eat his plants, relieve themselves in his yard, and raven dangerous. >> -- and are even dangerous. >> one of them ran into a brand- new car driving down the street. that is a problem.
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>> the national park service is considering allowing sharpshooters to kill the deer and help cut the herd in this 3,000 acre park. >> we are not talking about public hunting. that is not something we are considering. that is an option we will implement and will be done by professional sharpshooters. >> according to the national park service, in 2006, there were 58 deer per square mile. one year later, the population is 82 deer per square mile, four times the desired amount. the humane society of the united states opposes the proposed hunt saying that the overpopulation is due to the park service ignoring the problem for more than a decade. >> it has been too long and too slow of a process. it has taken a long time for them to get around to the alternatives. the deer should not suffer for that. >> another issue, lime disease. the tax could be take carried
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by deer. -- the ticks could be carried by the deer. if this is approved, the sharpshooters would do their work overnight in areas of the park that are heavily managed. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. a hurricane is getting weaker as it pounds the baja peninsula and has been downgraded but is still powerful enough to be seen from space. the international space station captured this swirling mass. how about that? on the ground, it came on shore as a category 2 hurricane, moving up the west coast. the wind is about 90 m.p.h. it will hopefully fade fast coming over the pacific ocean, diminishing. it is still dangerous, but good news. >> any chance that will bring water to southern california? >> probably not because it is
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turning more toward the west. around here, we're . we will start off on the to ofrop. we start animation around sunrise, looking out from the rooftops duteous in arlington. watch during the day. -- from the rooftop studios in arlington. chwat during the day. isth is a live picture, a great looking afternoon, mid-70' the ver'ry air. at 74 degrees ashburn, the ve temperature's very cool this time of year. good chance we get close to 49 degrees by the morning. at 71 degrees currently reported in olney. tropical storm erica, fairly weak. not really showing any signs of development. south wind at 40 m.p.h., expected to drift over the eastern tip of the dominican
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republic and then we can into a low pressure area as it turns toward the bahamas. one of the reasons it does not have a chance of getting strong it is it will encounter on friendly atmosphere conditions. dry air, then when share. these are strong upper level winds from 30-50 m.p.h. from the south to the north. as that moves up through it, it rips apart and prevents it from pulling more moisture in. it turns it into a weak storm. that is what we are looking at. mold spore is back again. the wheat pollen also moderate. look at these numbers, mid-70s, comftable weather across the viewing area and the mid- atlantic. low seventies up through pennsylvania and down south into the carolinas. the further south, the more cloudiness. you have to travel a little bit before you find the hot weather on the east coast.
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at 75 degrees at jacksonville, fla., the same temperature that we have. things will slowly change, the clouds to the south and east. stationary front. we anticipate low pressure developing over the next day or so, moving up the front, getting close enough to spread clouds. i think the rain will miss the viewing area, could get close in southern maryland, but it should get at of here by friday. acta sunshine. i think we will call it a near miss and pleasant weather will continue. all indications are we have partly sunny, dry weather street through the weekend. 67 late tonight, 53-60 in the morning, 74 midday. the next few days, slow warming, 83 friday, afternoon sunshine. it still looks nice for the holiday weekend. the temperatures, low 80's, partly sunny sks saturday, sunday, and monday. that would be nice.
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>> yes, it would. thank you. tonight, who killed a young mother from virginia? the suspect that the husband is hwsponsible, and theypoitke me-time." >> he came to her one day because he wanted to be out of the marriage and explain to her that he had been cheating on her with several different people, and very soon after that she found that she was pregnant. >> the husband is now remarried and his new wife shares her doubts about her husband. that is at 10:00, followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. coming up, what you're cars and your homes. these have stolen from more than 40 people over the past few months -- walked your cars and homes. >> a woman's fight to stop paying for her late husband's phone. 7 on your side asks why.
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potn bext, the school bus is ♪ till now - ♪ i always got by on my own - ( audience cheering ) ♪ i never really cared ♪ until i met you... a1 makes the burger king steakhouse burger sing.
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most district kids went back to school at the end of august. >> some are still waiting for the school bus to pick them up. kris van cleave has won special needs student being left behind. >> for this family, this school year was going to be a big deal. after seven years of battling
5:25 pm
for their autistic son to be placed in a school for special needs, they've learned that it would happen. on the first day, he was waiting for a school bus that was not coming. this 15-year-old should be in school, but he is home today because the d.c. school bus that takes this autistic teenager to his school and never came. >> i was waiting a long time. >> since the school started august 24, the school bus has only come once. >> he was up this morning, waiting around, looking out the window. >> his parents do not have a way to get him to school without the school bus, so he has been doing work from home. there has been a glitch in the software that has been dropping 100 special needs students per day off the pickup list. they say that most have been added and the list is being checked daily by hand, but little essentially slipped through the cracks. >> i have nothing to say except
5:26 pm
i am sorry for this and i will fix it today. that is what i would say. i will fix it today and expect that will stay fixed. >> you feel about going to school tomorrow? belmont. . >> it means everything for him to go to school. -- >>. . >> it means everything for him to go to school. >> this afternoon, the transportation administrator personal called the family assuring them that the family was fixed, giving them the new route number and the time to expect the school bus in the morning. we will keep our eye on the situation. kris van cleave, abc 7 news. up next, churches usually add p.d. to neighborhoods, but angry neighbors say this one is leaving behind an unsightly mess. >> getting to the mall will be more difficult this weekend. >> the woman is abducted from the springfield metro. how good samaritan made the difference. explain.
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we're hearing from a good samaritan who helped a woman she escaped from a toettotim was forced ot l, lot,hunk of her car in a around an hour before she got away. gail pennybacker has the frightening story. >> the first person to come to
5:30 pm
the victims aid was a woman who lived in lorton, more than 6 miles from here. the victim in this case had just got off work this time yesterday afternoon when she was abducted right from the parking lot at the springfield metro station. >> you could not close your door to her. she needed help. >> the woman who suddenly showed up at nancy pews front door said she had no idea where she was. >> she calmly told me that she had been abducted and she had nothing. >> as nancy called 911, the 46- year-old woman said a man with a gun carjacked her at the springfield metro station, shoved her in the trunk of her brand-new camaro, and drove away. he let her out 6 miles away from the metro station. >> she was scared because he had a gun. >> the police mounted a massive search as the women sat together on the front porch. >> we could hear the police
5:31 pm
tracking her car, chasing it. >> the woman's crashed car was found in lorton. 22-year-old diallo outing was arrested. the event is the latest in a series of violent crimes in springfield near the metro station or shopping mall. >> knowing get it to happen at rush hour. >> at the whole area needs a readjustment. >> investigators say outing may have taken metro to springfield, then got lost driving out of the parking area, ending up in lorton. >> she was so fortunate, so lucky. could have been so much worse because he had a gun. it is awful. >> we understand the victim is recovering and has been talking to the police, helping with the investigation. fairfax county police say they're looking at diallo outing for more than just this crime to see if he is involved in anything else that is happened around here. gail pennybacker, abc 7 news.
5:32 pm
a maryland man is under arrest after sheriff's deputies say he tried to trade pot for gasoline. at when james clark did not have the money to pay for the gas, he offered the clerk marijuana, who called the police. the police say search of his motorcycle turned up cocaine, oxycondone, and marijuana. a 14-year-old girl who was struck by a car near her school bus stop remains in critical condition today. she was struck in temple hills. after hitting the girl, the car slammed into a minivan that was carrying a father and three children. the vehicle then plowed into a group of students at another bus stop. the girl's injuries of the most serious. it many people are looking for a shopping this weekend, but getting to one popular mall will give beat -- will be difficul stephen tschida it is live at pentagon city, where the mature
5:33 pm
stage and closed starting friday night. >> some people who want to shop at pentagon city mall this weekend will have to work a little harder. macon decided to head to pentagon city mall today for back-to-school shopping instead of waiting until the saturday. the reason? at the metro will not be stopping at her favorite mall all weekend long. >> i take public transit. >> some retailers are read about the closing of the pentagon city metro station cutting into profits that they usually see at the end of summer. >> labor day weekend has traditionally been a strong time for retail, particularly malls in virginia. >> the metro is closing three stations from friday night until tuesday morning to do extensive track and switcher work at pentagon city station. it will conduct repairs at crystal city and reagan national airport stations as well
5:34 pm
at pentagon city mall, the retailers pe metro gets the word out to potential shoppers about its shuttle busses to closed stations. >> it will come right over to the street and it will come through the metro tunnel into the shopping center. >> some people think the trouble of getting the shuttle will keep them from shopping at the pentagon city mall despite the sales. >> we will go somewhere else. for the simple reason it is a hassle to come down here. >> the weekend may be big for shopping, but not for writing matter. at labor day weekend usually has very low ridership, which is why it metro is doing repair work this weekend. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> for more information on the closings this weekend, go to our website,, search the keyword "metrorail." union leaders a
5:35 pm
environmentalists have teamed up for green jobs. starting today, they are working on a northeast home free of charge. they're trying to highlight the green jobs and the need for training. the economic stimulus package includes more than $5 billion for home products like this one. fairfax county firefighters passed out backpacks and school supplies today. it firefighters have been collecting to supply several weeks. more than 1000 backpacks which are filled with school supplies will go to the students across fairfax coun and d.c. area shelters. which at the heavy traffic this evening with eric thomas. >> it looks like the beltway is the major cause of pain in the area. the inner loop of the beltway between 50 and arlington boulevard -- i am sorry between 50 and the i-270 super is a big problem area, very slow traffic.
5:36 pm
the elderly between old georgetown road and gallows road -- the outer loop all the way into virginia, between old georgetown road and gallows road, very slow traffic. i-95 southbound is a trouble spot between dumfries and triangle, just slow traffic. that is what is going on. back to you. up next, a woman cannot get her phone disconnected and it is costing money in the meantime. we have the case. >> thieves going t f these go on shopping sprees
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
with stolen cash. >> it is all caught on tape. greta kreuz has the highly organized scheme. >> thousands of dollars are involved. the thieves had been breaking into cars, breaking into homes, stealing purses, jewelry, and credit cards. now the police have surveillance video and want to know if you recognize these people. the police say the man and the striped shirt is taking a flat screen tv out of this target in
5:40 pm
bowie, using a gift card ball with a stolen credit card, all part of an organized scheme. >> we realized there was a pattern. >> he says there were more than 50 thefts in the college park area in august, from the quality inn to vehicle break-ins. the thieves steal credit cards and use them to buy gift cards and merchandise like this suspect at the cbs store on baltimore. >> sometimes kids are distraction. sometimes people conducting traacwitiheon ts thse people y anpa attention, pay more it could be a ploy that they're using. >> these are the same people seen at the day bere. thlso anom w and a silver malibu, all part of a theft and burglary scheme, police said. >> i was not worried about that,
5:41 pm
but now i am starting to. >> i did not even leave my car unlocked in the driveway. >> the police are not sure how widespread the operation is, but they hope that somebody recognizes these people and gives them a call. >> if you have any information, recognize any of these people, call the prince george's county police, crime solvers, 1-866- 411-tips. the police say keep your car and your house is locked. greta kreuz, abc 7 news. up next, you have probably seen the advertisements, but can the shoes really help you burn calories? >> it is not right. >> up next, 7 on your side tries to help a woman who tries to ge
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5:44 pm
7 on your side, a local woman tried to disconnect her husband's phone after he died. >> she could not because she did not know his secret code.
5:45 pm
>> there were five calls, nine minutes. >> the bill, $137. >> it is not right. >> not right because she tried to get rcn to disconnect the phone after her husband died june 12. >> they play games with people when people have a death and are upset emotionally. they just do not try to accommodate at all. >> it was his phone at this assisted living center, where he stayed three weeks. rcn asked the security question, her husband's favorite food. when she set up the account, she put down her face. . >> they said, no, those are not his favorite foods. i said, look, i've been cooking for him 42 years. i know he likes.
5:46 pm
they said, we're sorry, we cannot disconnect the phone. we went to the funeral home to make arrangements. i could not play games. >> then the phone calls started, demanding payment for bills she never received, sent to the assisted living center. it is not until july 30, six weeks after her husband died, and the day that she wrote this check, that rcn finally disconnected the line. >> the was no understanding. just pure harassment. >> with one phone call from must -- high, it is kris van cleave from abc 7 news. . they said there was a miscommunication, "we regret any inconvenience she has experience to the circumstances, and eight over netted her a refund for the time that the phone sat unused. letting nancy get back to remembering the good times. kris van cleave, abc 7 news.
5:47 pm
>> we put rcn's full statement on if you have a problem that you would lik 7 on your side to look at, just send us e-mail or call 866-236-3401. can choose help you lose weight? one expert says they probably did not work. they say the technology being used to help people rehabilitate their ankles or work on their stance, but it does not improve fitness. the shoemakers say while it may not help you get fit, it helps relieve pressure on the feet and tone muscles. the mega millions jackpot has earned big money for virginia. even though the jackpot winning ticket was not purchased in the commonwealth, the lottery earned more than $17.5 million for virginia public schools. all profits from the virginia lottery including make a million
5:48 pm
tickets goes to public school education in virginia. aaa expects this weekend to be the third busiest labor day travel this decade, about 854,000 people expected to travel 50 miles or more. that is a 14% drop from last year. labor day to douse it was the busiest in a decade. most people drive. airports will expect the most dramatic drop, 21%. it aaa attributes the decline to labor day being so late this year. the next time that you fly southwest airlines, you can get a better boarding position. they say an extra $10 each way, passengers can reserve a boarding position before check- in. southwest does not offer assigned seating. oprah winfrey is taking her show to the streets, chicago's
5:49 pm
michigan avenue shut down for next week's taping of her show. the magnificent mile will be closed early monday until early wednesday. the taping is tuesday, featuring a performance by the black eyed peas. oprah winfrey kicks off her 24 season on monday, september 14, which she calls her most anticipated music into view of the decade, one on one with which the houston. watch it right here on abc 7 at 4:00. >> that will be interesting. >> i am sure. we will see what is coming up at 6:00 with gordon peterson. >> contract guards at u.s. embassy in afghanistan are under investigation after the surfacing of recent pictures. at 6:00, some say it is part of hazing. a lot of people are not laughing. the congress and the justice department wants some answers. it also, reaction to charlie
5:50 pm
gibson's decision to retire at the end of the year. say it ain't so, charlie. you have a lot of miles left, charlie, stick around. >> we are all with you, agree 100%. and we check in now with doug hill for the weather. >> delightful afternoon, fair weather clouds, comfortable night. up on the rooftop, the closer we get to sunset, the clouds will dissipate. through the overnight, mostly clear, another chilly night. the latest on tropical storm erika, is weak and its feature does not look promising as far as tropical storms go, and countering dry air and when sure that will cause it to diminish. in the process, it could pass over the eastern tip of the dominican republic in the next 24 hours, east of santa domingo. 72 degrees winchester, 72 bunker
5:51 pm
hill, mom3ony 7 3ty . othut loeechck w out the low m, winchester 39 degrees. 73 in the district, 75 degrees beltsville, mid-70s across the board. tomorrow, low pressure will be a near miss, some clouds. any rainfall should be extreme southern maryland, the lower chesapeake bay, to the east. it wilbe gone friday morning. the high pressure builds giving us a nice day. clouds and the forecast, approaching 80 degrees. sunshine returns friday, saturday, sunday, monday. delightful weekend forecast. that is the way it looks right now. see how i throw that in? >> we hope it stays that way. they're sweating it out in jacksonville.
5:52 pm
>> there is a lot on the line. redskins are on the way to jacksonville, a lot of the young guys have butterflies heading into the game. jim zorn does everything in his power to keep everybody loose and earlier i spoke about the smiles at the early-morning meetings and how he starts with a jet -- daily joke. the guys say every morning you have a joke. it is that true? >> i am not a good joke teller. it may be a joke when i come in. that might have been with a said. you might have misunderstood. "is a joke when he walks and." i like to tell stories and give word pictures for the day or the week, the idea of what we're trying to get accomplished. those other kinds of stories that i would tell. i think it is different because sometimes everybody is looking around, saying, where is he going? then i try to bring it backed
5:53 pm
to an issue, a moral, food for thought, was conducted, if you will -- wisdom nugget, if you will. i'm trying to help these men pulled together and have one unit. so as we go, we go together. >> word pictures? at the u.s. open, mauresmo was upset in straight sets. venus williams had her left leg heavily tape for her match. the hitch did not slow her down it, despite theain and the tape, venus showing serious quickness, chasing down drop shots, using the strong forehand. she takes the first set, 6-4. she gained confidence. at second set, she dominated. how about this? boom, drive home safely.
5:54 pm
this one is over. she advances. there you have it, word pictures. >> can you imagine being in a huddle with him? >> little nuggets. >> we will be right back.
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our most dramatic offer ever: both pieces, just $399. while supplies last. from jennifer: you don't have to spend a lot to have teodas t. allegations that and logan circle church is allowing properties crumble. >> it is facing citations from the city and is coming under fire from neighbors. >> of logan circle is renowned for htoric beauties, but this grand old house is a canvas for graffiti artists. michelle worries about the vandals next door. >> it is a shame what has happened. it is frightening to know people are outsi our window at late night. >> up for years, boards have covered the windows and work
5:58 pm
permits have faded into oblivion. the nearby if vermont baptist church owns the home and is applied for renovation permits and subsequently gotten property tax reductions, but has never done work. some neighbors believe the church intends the same fate for this property, disintegration to the point of condemnation. >> there in the process of fixing it up now. >> the assurance that renovations are underway, but the only renovation we saw a list clearing the remnants. >> parking spaces. >> this neighbor said his complaints usually meet with the same response, members accusing those complaining of bigotry against the historic black church. >> they scream racism and we run away scared. i do not buy it. it is about following of laws. >> since we have made inquiries,
5:59 pm
the city is ordering the church to remove the graffiti and it is citing vermont avenue baptist for property code violations. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. that is all at 5:00. at 6:00, a police chase and with gunfire. i ftot irtoth shots and the suspect connected with local wee u.s. embassy infg astniha afghap these pictures show something very different. an investigation is underway. and redskins fans are furious with the team and they have not even played a regular-season game yet. captioned by the national captioning institute a police chase intostrictup district and with a police hoot >> the chase sond iedutheast iwainonwa,


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